Choosing the right colors for your medical office is important. Though providing quality medical services is the most important aspect of your practice, the colors and look of your medical office can have a positive psychological impact on your patients and can set your practice apart. As dental and medical office contractors for the Toronto area, here are some aspects we suggest that you consider when choosing the colors for your medical office construction or renovation projects.

Color Psychology

There is a lot to take into consideration when choosing colors for your dental or medical practice. Color psychology should definitely inform your decision. Blue is one of the most popular colors to choose for a medical practice. Blue tends to embody a sense of honesty, wisdom, loyalty, conservatism, confidence, and security. Medium and light greens can also be a great choice for green tends to evoke feelings of calm. Dark blue, burgundy, and dark green can help show that you have confidence and control and can be great visual additions for your office.

Purpose & Function

The purpose of the area in which you are choosing a color for is important to weigh in your decision process. You may want to choose different colors for each type of room due to the feelings that you want to be evoked for your patients. Having a reception area with warm, homey colors can be a great choice if that is the feel of your practice; however choosing clean colors for your exam or operating rooms can accentuate the cleanliness of your facility. Often matching or complementing colors are used to help direct patients through your building and back into the waiting area.

Color Suggestions

As mentioned, each room of your practice serves a different purpose and the colors for that room should be chosen based on that purpose and the feeling that you want to evoke in your patients. Here are some general guidelines for the various rooms of your practice that our medical and dental contractors recommend.

Reception Area

Your reception area is usually the first part of your practice that your patients see and so making a good first impression is key. Soft muted colors are often recommended for their calming effects. A soft yellow evokes feelings of cheerfulness and happiness and soft blue-green can help clients in decision-making. Bright yellow and other similar colors, though generally associated with happiness, in this case, can actually add to client’s anxiety.

Exam Rooms

Exam rooms should also evoke feelings of calm. Warm colors such as reds, oranges, and yellows can be effective choices, however, as mentioned earlier, whites and cool tones can speak to the rooms cleanliness. Keep in mind that the colors in your exam rooms should complement the colors in your reception area and the rest of your facility.

Other Thoughts

Color psychology is not the only aspect to take into consideration when choosing your colors. Many modern medical and dental offices are opting for modern styles which can show that your practice is relevant and on the cutting edge of medical care. Also, if you choose to keep the furniture that you already have, picking colors that compliment your furniture is another key.

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